The AJS 500cc w/c Supercharged V4 of 1939 – originally developed from 1936 but plagued with reliability problems & Raced mainly by Bob Foster & Walter Rusk in the TT Senior having to stop due to overheating & both placed well down, but very Fast when trouble free – So much so at the Ulster GP, the last before WW2 one AJ Recorded the 1st 100 mph lap on the Clady Circuit leaving the Supercharged Gilera ( Which was reckoned to be the Fastest Race Bike of the period ) before having to retire with front suspension problems———– It was such a pity after the War when Supercharging was banned, as it had proved to be faster than the Gilera, but to late in the day !

The AJS 500cc w/c Supercharged V4 of 1939 #iomtt #ulstergp

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