(Jean-Pierre Jarier’s) #Lotus 79 – #Ford-Cosworth DFV, 2993cc V8, naturally aspirated, mid-engined, longitudinallymounted

Starting USA, Jarrier replaced Ronnie Peterson who had died due to severe leg injuries suffered during a crash at the start of the previous race, in Italy. ? In the wake of Ronnie Peterson’s fatal crash at the

1978 Italian Grand Prix, this was the first use of the now standard procedure of having a specially trained medical team line up behind the cars at the start of the race and follow them for most of the first lap. In this race, the Medical car hit a curb and was in the air for a short period of time.

1978 United States Grand Prix, @WGI Watkins Glen Grand Prix Race Course

lotus 79 united states 1978 #F1
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