From foreground to background:Karl Kling (GER) (Daimler Benz AG), #Mercedes-Benz W196 – #Mercedes-Benz 2.5 L8 (RET)

Piero Taruffi (ITA) (Daimler Benz AG), #Mercedes-Benz W196 – #Mercedes-Benz 2.5 L8 (finished 2nd)

Stirling Craufurd Moss (GBR) (Daimler Benz AG), #Mercedes-Benz W196 – #Mercedes-Benz 2.

5 L8 (RET*)Juan Manuel Fangio (ARG) (Daimler Benz AG), #Mercedes-Benz W196 – #Mercedes-Benz 2.5 L8 (finished 1st*)* – Cars ran with streamlined, full-width bodywork.

1955 Italian Grand Prix, Autodromo Nazionale Monza# Daimler AG

k kling p taruffi s moss fangio italy 1955 #F1
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