Foreground:Juan Manuel Fangio (num-2, on the inside), #Mercedes-Benz W196 – #Mercedes-Benz L8 RET

Stirling Moss (num-6), #Mercedes W196 – #Mercedes-Benz Straight-8 (finished 9th)

Background:Alberto Ascari (num-26), Lancia D50 – Lancia V8 (RET)

Jean Behra / Cesare Perdisa (num-34), Maserati 250F – Maserati Straight-6 (finished 3rd)

Luigi Musso (num-38), Maserati 250F – Maserati Straight-6 RET

AndrĂ© Simon (num-4), #Mercedes-Benz W196 – #Mercedes-Benz Straight-8 (RET)

1955 Monaco Grand Prix, Circuit de Monaco

juan manuel fangio stirling moss #Monaco 1955 #F1
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