2 thoughts on “DNF Saturdays vol-229 #Racing #ohio

    • January 11, 2018 at 3:38 pm

      You may know that the SCCA said everyone who ran the ’63 race would have their race license pulled….after officials saw the phone poles and other immovable objects right on curbside.

      So the records I have are just off…..I think there are 12 Fangio’s who competed. Almost everything is listed as ford.

      I believe this is the Elva….the story was that it came to a stop on the church steps, but I do think this really is in the front yard of the church. The event insurance agent standing outside of the airport curve got hit by an Austin-healey (mostly unhurt)…..A nice Porsche 4 cam set the track record.

      I am reasonably certain that Chuck Dietrich drove an early Bobsy with a 2 stroke saab motor…the pictures I have seen do not show enough to prove it was PIB.


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