Bruce testing M2A #Ford at Riverside, California during a Firestone tyre test in early

1966. M2A entirely Mallite, M2B used Mallite inner, and aluminium outer skins. Note the wing mount.

L-R: Bruce #McLaren, Gary Knutson, Howden Ganley and Wally WillmottThe #McLaren M2B was the #McLaren team’s first Formula One racing car, used during the

1966 season. It was conceived in

1965 and preceded by the M2A development car. Designed by Robin Herd, the innovative but problematic Mallite material was used in its construction. The car was powered by #Ford and Serenissima engines but both lacked power and suffered from reliability issues. Driven by team founder Bruce #McLaren, the M2B had a short Grand Prix career, entering six races and starting only four. It scored the team’s first point at the British Grand Prix and two more points at the United States Grand Prix. ++ Tyler Alexander

bruce mclaren firestone tyre test 1966 #F1
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